List of Services
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You can pick and choose from the services below or click here to see our full solution for phone book publishers.
  • Listings Keyed
  • Contracts Keyed
  • Data Entry
  • Leads Generation
  • Billing
  • Commission Calculations
  • Sales Suport & Information
  • Standard Reporting
  • Advertising Production
  • Ad Drop-In
  • Pagination
  • PostScripting/PDF/Printer Liaison
  • Reverse Directories
  • Specialty Sections/Pages
  • Indexes
  • Reporting
  • ROI Calculations
  • Training
  • On Site Training
What can we do for your company?
Pagination & Production Services

We specialize in creating your phone book from the ground up. We compile your book using complex software to maximize your data and we can also refer you to several design companies to create ads.

Advertizing Production
PostScripting/PDF/Printer Liaison
Specialty Sections/ Pages
Reverse Directories
Sales Leads & Reporting

Using our extensive database of advertizers we can create highly detailed and efective lead sheets for your agents. Our system then allows you to pull customizable reports on any aspect of your business.

Leads Generation
Sales Support & Information
Commission Calculations
Standard & Advanced Reporting

Data Entry

Don't waste your teams' valuable time entering contract and listing information. We have specialized programmers on our team who can efficiently enter/import information and clean it up automatically.

Contracts & Listings Keyed
Merge & Edit of Data
Street/City Clean-Up
Contact Listing Clean-Up
Alpha Check
Page Through
Full Data Merge